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Thoughts on inheritance planning

Challenges and opportunities at a glance

We thought about the provisions wealthy clients should consider related to their estate. What are the challenges waiting for business partners and their customers today and tomorrow?

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Only one quarter of all clients have implemented a will

If a wealthy individual does not have a will, the statutory provisions on succession apply upon his or her death. The consequence is the probate process first has to be accomplished which may take a while.

Clients consider the inheritance law - especially the tax regulations - to be complicated. With timely structuring, the tax burden can be reduced considerably.

Free choice of beneficiaries in quota and rank - revocable at any time

With Private Placement Life, a payout to named beneficiaries can be easily set up. This beneficiary clause is a contractual agreement - the assets do not become part of the deceased's estate in the event of death. An inheritance certificate is not necessary.


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