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«Procedure for handling a complaint»

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We have therefore set up a
complaints office and provided for complaint management measures. This gives you the
opportunity to express criticism to us and gives us the opportunity to deal with it
appropriately and promptly. On the basis of the complaints we receive, we can also
identify and fix recurring errors and improve our processes. This way we want to increase
your satisfaction and maintain long-term customer loyalty.


Who can lodge a complaint?

All (potential) customers (e.g. individuals, legal entities, etc.) who are affected by a
service or business activity can lodge a complaint.

What information is to be transmitted?

In order to process the complaint promptly and completely, we need the following
information from you:

  • Complete contact details (address, phone number, e-mail address)

  • Description of the facts / circumstances

  • Formulation of the request or indication of what is to be achieved with the

  • Copies of the documents necessary to understand the occurence

  • Should you contact us in the name of and on behalf of another person, please
    provide us with a power of attorney from that person.

What is the procedure for handling a complaint?

  • After receipt of your complaint, you will receive a confirmation.

  • Information on the complaints procedure is also available on request, irrespective
    of the confirmation of receipt.

  • Our response will be given within a reasonable time after receipt of the complaint,
    depending on the complexity of the complaint. In case we need more time to
    respond, we will inform you about the reasons and when our investigation is
    expected to be completed. If we are able to process the complaint promptly and
    conclusively, you will receive a response instead of a confirmation of receipt. If
    we do not accept your complaint or only accept it in part, you will receive a
    comprehensible explanation.

  • Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot find a satisfactory solution for you. In this
    case, you can address your complaint to the FMA Financial Market Authority
    Liechtenstein - Landstrasse 109 - P.O. Box 279 - FL 9490 Vaduz - Principality of
    Liechtenstein (

Furthermore, you have the option of taking legal action or contacting the Liechtenstein
Arbitration Board - Mitteldorf 1 - P.O. Box 343 - 9490 Vaduz - Principality of Liechtenstein

You will not be charged for us processing your complaint.

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